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Determining a fair amount of child support or an agreeable child custody arrangement is important for divorced or separated parents. Parents are required by law to provide financial support for their children until they reach the age of 18. However, in special circumstances, courts can extend or enforce a child support agreement beyond the age of 18.

To determine child support payments, courts will generally look at:

  • The Finances of Each Parent
  • The Needs of the Children
  • Parental Responsibilities to Other Children
  • Living Expenses for Each Household
  • How Much Time Each Parent Usually Spends with the Children

Do You Need Help Enforcing an Existing Child Support Order?

Violating a court’s child support order is against the law. At Upper Michigan Law, we have extensive resources that can be used to help you collect past due child support payments. Our lawyers can initiate wage garnishment for the parent who refuses to make their child support payments. Speak with our legal team today to get help collecting the payments you are owed.

Child Support Modification

We can also help you change the terms of your existing child support agreement. Our legal team can seek court approval for reduced payments or payment readjustment for clients who have lost their job or are facing a serious medical condition.

Parenting Plans & Custody Litigation

At Upper Michigan Law, our goal is to get you a fair custody and visitation settlement through mediation or other resolution processes. However, if this cannot be achieved, we are ready to litigate your case at trial. You can depend on our experienced litigation team.

Family courts generally factor the following things to determine a custody and visitation court order:

  • The quality of the relationship between the children and each parent
  • The relationships between siblings and other relatives
  • Any history of domestic abuse or substance abuse
  • The wishes of the children, particularly if they are 12 years old or older

How Do Courts Calculate Child Support?

Judges consider the following things when determining child support payments:

  • The child's needs like health insurance, education, daycare, and other special needs
  • The income and needs of the custodial parent
  • Whether the paying parent has the means to pay
  • What the living standards of the children were like prior to the divorce

Both parents are required to account for their full financial situation by providing various financial statements to the courts. Parents have to disclose their monthly income and living expenses before a child support decision can be reached.

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Do you need help collecting child support or creating a child custody agreement? We can help. Our family law attorneys have 40+ years of legal experience handling these types of cases. We are familiar with what to expect when it comes to child support and child custody agreements. We can walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you might have.

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