Dog Bites

Bitten by a Dog?

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For those who were the victim of a dog attack, the Escanaba personal injury attorneys at our firm are fully prepared to hold the owner liable for your injuries. We are well-versed on the particular state statutes which relate to dog bites and we are fierce advocates for the rights of our clients who are injured through no fault of their own.

Upper Michigan Law has been serving the injured in Escanaba, Marquette, Iron Mountain, and Menominee for over 40 years and in that time we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Not only are we very familiar with the law, but we also know the local courts, judges, and magistrates who will interact with your case, so you can trust us to resolve your case quickly and effectively.

Dog Bites & Michigan Law

As a strict liability state, Michigan will not recognize dog owners who argue that they were unaware of their dog’s propensity to bite others or had no history of aggressive behavior.

The victim of a dog bite will need to establish a few things for a successful case:

  • Their injuries were the direct result of a bite rather than other behavior exhibited by the dog
  • They did not provoke the dog to attack in any way such as teasing them
  • They were in either a public place, or were lawfully in a private place when bitten

Our personal injury attorneys can fight to place the blame for the attack squarely with the dog owner who would be held liable for your losses. You could be suffering from severe cuts and lacerations which may require substantial medical attention.

Don’t wait—we are here to help!

You should not have to pay for medical attention if you were not provoking the dog or trespassing when you were bitten. Trust our vast legal experience to get you the financial damages you deserve.

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