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There is a lot on the line when it comes to divorce, which is why it is important to secure strong, experienced legal guidance. Having an experienced attorney by your side throughout your divorce can help the entire process run more smoothly. This is particularly true when children are involved, or when there is an existing problem with domestic violence or substance abuse. A skilled lawyer can help you deal with this difficult situation and create a legal strategy that will ensure your rights are protected.

Most people are familiar with the conventional divorce process that is portrayed on TV, however, there are many different types of divorce that you might now be familiar with. Our team of lawyers takes on the following kinds of divorce cases:

  • No-Fault Divorce: Michigan is a no-fault divorce state. Under certain circumstances, it is allowable to consider the actions of a spouse causing the breakdown of the marriage in the context of property division.
  • Uncontested Divorce: Both spouses work through their attorneys or on their own to settle all issues of a divorce: child custody, visitation and support, property division and spousal support.
  • Default Divorce: This happens when one spouse file for divorce and the other doesn’t respond. The divorce is granted “by default” and doesn’t require the non-responsive spouse to appear before the court.
  • Contested Divorce: When the spouses cannot reach an agreement on all or certain issues, the court will set a hearing date in which both spouses’ attorneys will have the opportunity to argue each spouse’s case. This divorce trial process only takes place when the divorce negotiations on all or some of the issues cannot be resolved before the court date. The spouses should be encouraged by both lawyers to engage in good faith but have aggressive negotiations. This means that a divorce lawyer should be mindful of the cost, both emotional and financial, and risk of litigating a divorce while keeping in mind what is of crucial importance to the divorce client.

Do you need help with your divorce proceedings? Our attorney can help you with any of the divorces listed above. Contact Attorney Katie Clark and Gabe Cameron at (906) 762-4298 today to get started.

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