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Were you or a loved one arrested for a drug-related offense? There are a host of consequences you could be facing and prosecutors in Michigan are relentless in pursuing criminal charges tied to drugs. Additionally, if substantial amounts of drugs are involved, or if you are accused of trafficking drugs across state lines, federal agencies such as the DEA may be involved, which can result in even harsher penalties.

Don’t lose hope if you are arrested—the Escanaba criminal defense attorneys at Upper Michigan Law have more than 40 years of legal experience to put to use in your defense. Attorney Jessica Bray is a member of several legal organizations including the American Association for Justice and the Michigan Association for Justice. Our firm has all the tools needed to effectively challenge your charges and pursue a positive result for your case.

Michigan Takes Drug Crimes Seriously

Drug charges vary widely from misdemeanors to felonies which can include fines, prison sentences, and other penalties. Charges can depend largely on the type and amount of drugs in question.

Drug charges can include:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Cultivation and manufacture
  • Prescription fraud
  • Possession with intent to sell or deliver

Our Escanaba drug crime lawyers take a personalized approach to each drug offense case when it comes to constructing a legal defense. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind while we handle the various legal aspects of your case and to relieve you of as much anxiety as possible.

I was arrested—what now?

While a simple possession charge may appear difficult to overcome, as a skilled attorney will tell you, any drug case is far from simple.

To protect yourself, immediately after your arrest, or if you have not been arrested but are currently suspected of committing a crime, speak with a criminal defense attorney who can keep you apprised of your rights. Be honest in describing your situation with your attorney to learn how to move forward.

At the same time, avoid speaking with anyone about your case until seeing an attorney. Especially keep from giving a statement to police since anything said to them can be used against you later.

Fighting Hard to Protect Your Future

There may be more to your story from a legal perspective than you realize. If you were discovered with drugs by law enforcement, they must have had cause or a warrant to search you. Even if a warrant was issued, police must only search where the warrant outlines and unless drugs are in “plain view” elsewhere, it may not be admitted as evidence against you.

Look to Upper Michigan Law if you or someone you love has been charged with a drug crime. Their future is very much at stake, so retain aggressive defense from our firm today!

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