Operating Under the Influence of Drugs

Operating Under the Influence of Drugs

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The number of individuals arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs is becoming more and more prevalent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In response to this, law enforcement has become more watchful and will take every opportunity to arrest anyone who may appear to be impaired.

If you were arrested for operating under the influence of drugs, you know that you could be facing severe penalties. These types of cases need defense from seasoned and aggressive Escanaba OWI attorneys.

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The Prosecutor’s Burden of Proof

Michigan’s laws on enforcing drug crimes and operating under the influence are some of the toughest in the country. The state enacts a zero-tolerance policy. Anyone who is found operating a vehicle while using any controlled substance can be considered criminally liable.

Prosecutors must prove the following:

  • The arrested individual had drugs in his or her system
  • The drugs in your system had a significant impact on the body

Here is one important note: If the individual was determined to be under the influence of an illegal controlled substance, such as cocaine, then prosecutors would only need to prove that that the drug was actively in the driver’s system.

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One of the biggest challenges that prosecutors face in these types of cases is the fact that it can be difficult to demonstrate that drugs directly impacted a person’s coherence and capacity for driving. There may be many factors that can detract from a driver’s ability to drive, such as health reasons. That is why it is critical to have knowledgeable Escanaba OWI lawyer to look at every detail of your case and find the facts that support your defense.

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